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The Maternity Nurse
Karen Carter NNEB NCT
Client Booking Questionnaire

It is advisable to secure the services of an experienced, gold-standard maternity nurse well in advance.

Reserving the expertise of a highly regarded maternity nurse often requires booking several months ahead. However, should you find yourself in the situation where your baby has already arrived or you have made the decision later in your pregnancy to engage a maternity nurse, I encourage you to reach out promptly. There may still be openings in my schedule to accommodate your needs.

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Please complete this form, it will form part of our contract.

To initiate a booking, the Client agrees to remit a non-refundable administration fee of £150 to the Maternity Nurse.

After confirming your booking I will maintain regular communication with you leading up to the booking start date.

Booking Details

To facilitate your Maternity Nurse booking, I kindly request the following information:

Expected Due Date (EDD): Please provide your expected due date to help me schedule my availability in advance.


Timing Preferences: Some parents prefer to have a maternity nurse immediately after the baby is born, while others may opt to wait a week or two, taking into consideration existing postnatal support from family or partners. If your baby has already been born, kindly specify their age.


Number of Babies: Let me know if you are expecting a single baby, twins, or multiple babies.


Medical Conditions or Concerns: If your baby is experiencing any medical conditions such as colic or reflux or any other medical concerns.

Allergies: Let me know if anyone in your household has allergies.


Siblings: If this is not your first child, kindly provide the ages of your other children.


Travel Plans: If you have any travel plans during the booking period, please share the details.


Other Staff Members: Inform me if there are other staff members living and working in your family home.


Pets: Do you have any pets in your home? Type and breed?


Smoking: Let me know if there are any smokers in the family home.


Additional Preferences: Specify your preferred parenting style, whether you seek a maternity nurse who can establish a structured routine, one who follows a baby-led approach, or someone with expertise in, attachment parenting, troubleshooting, breastfeeding, bonding, sole charge, shared care, or sleep coaching.


Any Other Relevant Information: Feel free to provide any additional details or requirements that you believe are pertinent to the care of your baby and your family's needs.

Your comprehensive responses to these questions will enable me to tailor my maternity nurse services to meet your specific requirements and ensure the best possible care for your family.

Thank you for completing the booking questionnaire.

​You will shortly be sent a link to pay the administration fee and then the contract and deposit invoice.

After I have received the signed contract and the deposit, I will maintain communication with you leading up to the booking.

Remote Support

After the conclusion of the booking, all clients will enjoy complimentary remote support. The duration of this assistance will be contingent upon the length and nature of the booking.

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