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What is a Maternity Nurse & What Does She Do. 

Understanding the Role of a Maternity Nurse: Responsibilities and Services Explained.

A private maternity nurse, also known as a newborn care specialist, night nurse, night nanny or baby nurse, provides comprehensive care and support to families with newborns. 


Our role is specialised and focuses on the immediate needs of the newborn and the family during the postpartum period. 

Here are the key responsibilities and duties of a private maternity nurse / infant care specialist:

Newborn Care
Feeding Assistance: We assist with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, ensuring that the baby is fed properly and at regular intervals.

Nappy changing and Bathing: We handle all aspects of newborn hygiene, including nappy changes, bathing, and umbilical cord care.

Sleep coaching / Establishing a routine: We help establish healthy sleep patterns for the baby, including swaddling, soothing techniques, and creating a conducive sleep environment.

Monitoring Health: We monitor the baby’s health, including vital signs, weight gain, and developmental milestones, and provide basic medical care when necessary.

Infant Safety: We ensure the baby’s safety by maintaining a safe sleeping environment, practicing proper car seat usage, and educating parents on SIDS prevention.


Parental Support
Education and Guidance: We educate parents on newborn care practices, offering guidance on topics such as feeding schedules, sleep routines, and baby’s developmental stages.

Emotional Support: We provide emotional support to new parents, helping them cope with the stresses and challenges of caring for a newborn.

Routine Establishment: We assist in establishing a daily routine for the family that includes feeding, sleeping, and playtime, helping to create a structured environment.

Breastfeeding Support: We offer lactation support and advice, helping mothers with breastfeeding techniques and troubleshooting common issues.

Bottle Feeding Support:We offer bottle and formula support and advice, helping mothers with bottle feeding and bottle feeding refusal techniques and troubleshooting common issues.

Household Assistance
Nursery Organisation: We help organise and maintain the baby’s nursery, ensuring all supplies are stocked and easily accessible.

Light Household Chores: We may assist with light household chores related to the baby, such as washing baby clothes, sterilising bottles, and maintaining a clean environment.

Meal Preparation: In some cases, we may help prepare meals for the mother, especially if she is breastfeeding and needs proper nutrition.

Transition Support
Transition Home: We assist with the transition home from the hospital, ensuring that the family is settled and that the baby’s needs are met from day one.

Sibling Adjustment: We help older siblings adjust to the new baby, offering tips and support to the parents on how to manage multiple children.

Nighttime Care: We can provide overnight care, allowing parents to rest and recover while ensuring the baby is cared for throughout the night.

Qualifications and Skills
Training and Certification: We have a UK government recognised childcare and education qualification such as the NNEB. As well as lactation consulting training, and infant CPR.

Experience: We have extensive experience working with newborns, either in hospital settings, day nurseries and private homes. We keep unto date with current trends and legislation. We follow the Lullaby Trust safe sleep guidelines.

Compassion and Patience: We must possess a compassionate and patient demeanour, understanding the emotional and physical demands on new parents.

In summary, a private maternity nurse infant care specialist offers invaluable support to new parents, ensuring the well-being of the newborn while helping parents transition smoothly into their new roles.


Our expertise and care can significantly ease the challenges of the postpartum period, providing both practical assistance and emotional support.

A private maternity nurse infant care specialist focuses primarily on the care of the newborn and support for the parents during the postpartum period. However, there are several responsibilities and tasks that we typically do not handle:

Medical Responsibilities
Advanced Medical Care: We do not perform advanced medical procedures or treatments. Our role is limited to basic health monitoring and care. Serious health issues or complications require the attention of a paediatrician, GP or other medical professionals.

Prescribing Medication: We cannot prescribe medications. Any need for prescriptions must be handled by a licensed physician or GP.

Household Duties
General Housekeeping: We do not perform general housekeeping tasks unrelated to the newborn. This includes cleaning the entire house, doing laundry for other family members, or handling household chores outside of the baby’s immediate needs.

Cooking for the Family: While we may prepare simple meals for the mother, especially if she is breastfeeding, we do not typically cook for the entire family.

Childcare Beyond the Newborn
Caring for Older Children: Our focus is solely on the newborn. We do not provide regular childcare for older siblings, although they might offer occasional assistance or advice on helping siblings adjust.

Long-Term Childcare: We are not long-term nannies or babysitters. Our services are usually temporary, meant to assist during the immediate postpartum period. If you require further childcare assistance this can be discussed as a separate service. 


Household Management
Grocery Shopping and Errands: We do not typically handle grocery shopping, running errands, or other household management tasks that are unrelated to newborn care.

Financial Management: We do not manage household finances or assist with budgeting and bill paying.

Non-Newborn Care Services
Therapeutic Counselling: While we provide emotional support and basic guidance, we are not licensed therapists or counsellors. Parents requiring mental health support should seek help from qualified mental health professionals.

Postpartum Medical Care for Mothers: We do not provide medical care for the mother beyond basic postpartum support and advice. Any medical issues or concerns the mother has should be addressed by her healthcare provider.

Specialised Services
Educational Tutoring: We do not provide educational tutoring or homeschooling services for older children.

Pet Care: We do not take care of family pets, including feeding, walking, or veterinary visits.

Working hours
Services Choice: We provide a 24 hour live in service, a day time service and a night time service.

24 hour services requires a minimum 4 - 5 hour break in every 24 hour to comply with UK law.

Night bookings are for a maximum of 10 hours if living out and separate accommodation isn’t provided nearby. 

Day Bookings are for a maximum of 10 hours if living out and separate accommodation isn’t provided nearby. 

In summary, a private maternity nurse infant care specialist’s primary role is focused on the care and well-being of the newborn and supporting the parents during the early postpartum period. Their scope of work is limited to tasks directly related to the newborn and the immediate needs of the new parents, leaving other household and family responsibilities to other appropriate professionals or family members.

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